Brie de Meaux - 150G


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If Brie is the Queen of French cheeses then Brie De Meaux has to be sat at the top of that family tree, feet up on the throne! Brie De Meaux is the most famous of all Bries and in our opinion the very best of all. Its featured regularly on our cheeseboards here at Tracks. Mainly because its one of those cheese's that really lets itself go, leave it ripen and get to room temp and you'll see what we're banging on about! You can scoop it up with out the need for baking it like some of its camembert cousins.

This gorgeous, buttery and earthy cheese is steeped in French history. Brie De Meaux is still traditionally artisan made, just 30 miles east of Paris in the region of Ile-de-France but it has a history going back over one thousand two hundred years! Serious cheese!