Catarrato, Contrade Bellusa, Terre Siciliane


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Catarratto (100%)

Volcanic soils and a maritime influence combine to impart a distinct elegance and mineral character upon the island`s wines. Nero d`Avola and Shiraz make reliable, fleshy red wines, whilst Grillo, Inzolia and Chardonnay yield surprisingly well balanced and flavourful white wines. However, it is the uniquely rich and mineral influenced dessert wines that are perhaps Sicily`s greatest contribution to the wine world, from Marsala to Moscato di Pantelleria and Malvasia.

Mondo del Vino is an Italian cooperative focussed on creating high quality Italian wines. Founded in 1991 by oenologists Alfeo Martini, Roger Gabb and Christophe Mack who came together with the aim of coming up with new ways to produce and market Italian wines. Today, grapes are carefully selected for the best quality by oenologists through direct agreements with cooperatives and private companies and they control every stage of the winemaking process from fermentation to ageing, bottling and branding.

Sicilian Catarratto sourced entirely from organic vineyards which sit on soils made up of silt, sand and clay. A pale straw colour with a fresh and zesty nose. The palate is crisp and balanced, evocative notes of Sicilian melon, white blossom and grapefruit are in abundance with a citrus acidity and a subtle mineral complexity on the finish.

Partner with fish-based such as Sicillian Sarde a beccafico or raw red prawns. Also an ideal accompaniment to Arancini.