Fourme d'Ambert AOP - 150G


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An absolutely beautiful blue cheese with a lovely smooth, soft texture and refined blue flavour. It's no surprise that Fourme d'Ambert is often referred to as the 'connoisseurs blue cheese'.

Its not as immediate as other french blue's that come to mind, but don't write it off. It's a creeper, definitly not a keeper, as once you've started on this you won't stop, its always the first to dissapear from the fridge, a textural treat that goes well with a sweet wine or sherry.

Produced in the Auvergne region, Fourme d'Ambert is one of France's oldest cheeses, dating back to the Roman occupation nearly 1,000 years ago. It is said that the Druids and the Gauls had developed the art of making this unique cheese way back when Asterix was kicking about.